How do we perfectly execute a pump?

Before participating in pumps there are a few important things you should know:

  • Before the pump you should have, Discord, and Telegram open.
  • At the moment the countdown ends the pump will start. there will be a call in the #pump-signals channel. For example: The coin we picked is $XXX.
  • Right after we announced the coin, we will collectively buy it, and wait for the price to increase.
  • In the meanwhile, we will make sure a lot of social media channels will release news articles that will help the pump. Everyone in the group can help us by sharing the coin on their social media as well.

What can you do to help make the pump as successful as possible:

  • Keep the pump alive by setting buy walls. When the price is going up, set some lower buy walls to create waves. (example: Starting price 100, price 10 minutes after the pump 200, set buy wall at 150.)
  • Everyone in the group can help us by sharing the coin on their social media, Reddit, posting it on Twitter, and using Hashtags.
    This so-called ‘Social Media Effect’ does not hit instantly. It will take around 20 minutes to hit. So, buying bottoms during the pump is never a bad idea. (Good crypto-related social media pages to post in will be shared a couple of hours before the pump)
    Some basic tips on buying and selling during a pump:
    1.When the pump starts the price of the coin can spike pretty fast. if you limit buy a coin we advise you to buy 75%. A 100% limit buy does not go through most of the time since the price is up. If you market buy the coin, the order will always go through!
  1. After buying the given coin, do not sell 100% of the given coin at once, slowly sell (25% at a time). Which causes the market not to instantly drop.

3: DO NOT PANIC SELL. We have seen in the past that a lot of people will panic sell when they’re down on their initial investment. Just know pumps come in waves so there should be plenty of times within the pump that you will be able to sell with profit so do not panic.

If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the helpers or staff!